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Creating shortcuts for shutdown, log off, restart

Windows XP comes with its own shortcut utility, shutdown.exe

Click on any empty space on the desktop and click on 'New Shortcut'

For Shutdown enter the below code
shutdown.exe -s -t 0

For Restart enter the below code
shutdown.exe -r -t 0

For Log Off enter the below code
shutdown.exe -I -t 0

Now click on next  and give a name to your shortcut. Then click on Finish.


Note the -t switch, this stands for time.  -t 0 means the shutdown or reboot action will begin immediately without delay after clicking your shortcut. If you wanted to hold off the shutdown and restart for a certain length of time, for whatever reason, then just indicate the number of seconds after the -t.   i.e.  -t 30  would wait 30 seconds before shutting down or restarting.

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